The keys to your home don’t unlock equity
Unison provides the missing products and expert advice to empower our customers to optimally own and invest in Residential Real Estate.
Why Unison?

For individuals,

it’s a chance to access the equity you already own. The home is where families grow, where memories are made, and for most Americans, where the majority of your wealth is stored. For far too long, accessing that wealth meant stacking bills, accruing debt, or even relocating, any of which puts unnecessary stress on your shoulders. With Unison, your home equity can become yours to spend the way you want.

For investors,

it’s an opportunity to access a significant, yet elusive asset. Real estate is an anchor to the economy and truly essential to everyday life, yet efficient access to the equity in owner-occupied real estate has not been available at scale – until now. With Unison, institutional investors can curate a geographically-diverse portfolio that leverages the largest asset class in the United States, valued at $23 trillion, while remaining stable through down markets as homeowners stay put in times of uncertainty.

For society,

it’s a means of helping all of us thrive, through good times and bad. A society in which housing is financially inaccessible to so many is a society that’s unsustainable – one that grows less healthy, less secure, and less productive with every passing year. By creating an equity option, we aim to reduce general risk, create more diverse options, and lower consumer debt. The result? A landscape in which individuals, families, and retirees can ensure their quality of life and fund their futures, without taking on more debt.


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