See how Unison has changed the lives of over 10,000 homeowners

“With relief from Unison, we were able to pay down debt and allow time for our child to stay home until the pandemic subsided.”

The Young Family
Hermitage, TN

“Both my daughters are now doctors, and Unison allowed their student loans to be paid in full. Unison is highly recommended!”

The Borg Family
Scottsdale, AZ
Find out how Unison can make your story a success
Get cash for your home equity today, with no monthly payments
Pay Debts
"Unison worked wonders for our family. We decided to use the investment to get rid of all our debt, rather than just move into another loan. This truly has been one of the best decisions we made!"
The Figueroa Family - Henderson, NV
Home Improvement
"We used it to add an amazing patio to the back of our house and redo our family room, as well as pay off all of our credit card debt. It was such a GREAT decision to do this and such a simple process."
The Link Family - Romeoville, IL
Large Purchase
"We used Unison to pay for my son's college expenses. We had a lot of equity in our home, but were squeezed by the tuition bills. Unison allowed us to pay them off without incurring unnecessary debt."
The De Jong Family - Chapel Hill, NC

How will you use Unison?

Say goodbye to debt

Take the weight off your shoulders. With Unison, you can use the home equity you own to pay off debts on your schedule – no payments, interest, or deadlines to worry about.

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Fund your next large purchase

Let a share of your home help fund an item on your bucket list, your next great adventure. Partner with Unison and bring your dream to life, with no added debt, interest, or monthly payments (ever).

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Self-fund your small business

A Unison equity sharing agreement in your home can turn into a launchpad for your business dreams. Access your home equity to fund a career change, become your own boss, or develop the next big thing – without giving up shares or taking on debt.

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Renovate your home

Home improvements can be among the most worthwhile investments you can make, allowing you to upgrade your quality of life and increase the value of your property, all while making your house into your home. With Unison, you can leverage your home equity to boost the property’s value– now that’s a win-win.

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